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BENEFITS:   ProClear Aligners Professional Custom Aligners Other Dental Aligners
COST EFFICIENT Significantly less than traditional braces and more affordable than other aligners on the market -
CONVENIENT Easy to Do at Home on Your Own Schedule
COMFORTABLE Easily Removable for Eating, Drinking & Cleaning
HIGH QUALITY Professional Grade High Quality Material -
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Powered by our Advanced Digital Scanning Technology
FASTER RESULTS ProClear Orthodontic Smile Accelerator for Faster Results -
BRIGHTER SMILE Free Whitening Kit Brightens & Whitens Teeth while Improving Smile -

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ProClear™ Aligners are custom trays that improve and brighten your smile at a fraction of the cost of traditional braces. Some individuals may require an office consultation and longer treatment solutions for more complex dental/orthodontic challenges. To make sure you are a good candidate for ProClear™ Aligners, we invite you to take our FREEĀ 30-second online smile assessment.

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